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Chini Camp 2000

All really want the pinata

Belly Buttons

Big Train

birthday twins

Bob vs Jones

Camp 2000 participants

camp 2000 take one

Chini vs Jason

Chini vs Jeans?

Christine vs Jeans

Christine vs Louise

Christine's naked pizza



Duck Family at end of dock

Dundon presents Paisano to

Eric enjoys his midnight sw

Eric goes into the river

Eric Scooting

eric vs Aaron

Eric vs Chini

Eric vs Dundon

Eric vs Jones

Frail kisses Samsanoff

Heather vs Paw

Hero of the Story

Hunting for eels

Jeans dressed up and nowher

Jeans enters with luckdrago

Jeans gives Eric last minut

Kim vs Frail

KP is REALLY excited

Lots of Love

Lounging on the grass

MIP Jeans

Miss Chini Camp 2000

One last hug for courage

Paw presents Pro's tshirt

Pitcher Kim

Preparing for the vb tourna

President Yoda Head

Princess Christine

Pro is not impressed

Pro's acceptance speech

Pro's new apron

Pro's new apron2

RoShamBo fans

RoShamBo fans2

Story Time with Tim

sunset over the dock

Team Ging takes the field

Tim and Christine at the li

Tim and Jason buying live b

Toni and Elizabeth play wit

Toni vs Frail

Toni vs Heather

Train presents card to Toni

Train vs Frail2

Train vs Ging

Train vs KP


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